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Style: Gargoyles-85's

    Product details


    Gargoyles 85's, The slightly smaller, sleeker version of the iconic rimless style Gargoyles Classic's. 85’s while smaller, still command the bold look Gargoyles has always provided. Like Classic’s, 85’s offer superb ANSI Z87.1+ level protection with anti-reflective and oleo-phobic treatments to repel water, resist smudging, and make cleaning easier. Additionally, the 85’s famous toric shield lenses provide the you with fully unobstructed vertical viewing.
    All Gargoyles lenses are ballistic-built - meeting and/or exceeding ANSI Z871.1+ impact standards - and offer superior optics along with our anti-reflective and oleo-phobic treatments .
    Sunglasses have a purpose and blocking the sun is just the beginning. Gargoyles sunglasses don't just shield your eyes. They provide sharp contrast and depth perception, so you can see exactly what you're supposed to see! Every detail of our lens design and execution is geared toward improved optics and giving you better vision.
    A good lens isn't just made - it's crafted. At Gargoyles, our Z87.1+-rated lenses are made of ballistic-designed, high-index polycarbonate for incredible strength without added weight.Then, they're optimized and treated to reduce glare and enhance protection. The result is a lens of unparalleled quality and durability.
    Rx-Compatible: No
    Frame Material TR-90 NZZ
    Protection Level (ANSI) Protection+
    UV Protection 100%
    Lens Width


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