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Ray Ban Sunglasses Article



In the 1980’s no one looked cooler than a Ray-Ban sunglasses-clad Tom Cruise in the hit film, “Top Gun.” Although worn by aviation experts for over 70 years, the Ran-Ban sunglasses trend shot the brand into the mainstream. From frat boys to celebrities; everyone had to re-create the dashing appeal from the film that only a pair of Ray-Bans could accomplish.


In fact, the brand Ray-Ban has become synonymous with being “cool” in the movie industry. Some of the most popular movies where Ray-Ban sunglasses are almost their own character include:


  • Body of Lies - Leonardo DiCaprio looked sexy in his Ray-Ban Aviators
  • Daredevil - Ben Affleck wears those Olympians with style
  • Dark Knight - Batman (Christian Bale) fights crime in these 3324 Aviators
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Ray-Ban Shooters on Johnny Depp infuse style into crazy
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - the old/young Brad Pitt wears the 3025 Aviators well
  • Dirty Harry - the classic iconic Clint Eastwood films did it first and did it right wearing the Ray-Ban Baloramas
  • Iron Man - modernized, sleek Aviators donned by Robert Downey Jr.
  • Men in Black - who could resist Will Smith in those Predator 2’s
  • Reservoir Dogs - hip, cult film featured Clubmasters on Tim Roth
  • The Blues Brothers - Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi wore those Wayfarers well


While some wear Ray-Ban sunglasses to make a fashion statement, others wear the sunglasses for their unique functionality - in fact these sunglasses began as the official eyewear of Army fighter pilots. For true aviation aficionados, Ray-Ban sunglasses represent excellence and distinction in the field of eyewear.


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In the beginning, Ray-Ban sunglasses provided the aviation industry with lenses that allowed for superior clarity and protection from the elements. Today, the technology behind Ray-Ban sunglasses has exceeded the original creator’s wildest expectations!


Ray-Ban wearers depend upon the technological advances and ongoing advancements the company continuously offers:


  • Polarized lenses diminish surface reflection and glare
  • Light adaptive lenses automatically darken and lighten based on changing light conditions
  • Special titanium frames feel lighter, however they provide durability and flexibility for the active wearer
  • For the ultra-adventurous pilot, Ray-Ban has created Memo-Ray which can withstand the most extreme abuse
  • A Carbon Fibre frame customizes its fit to the wearer’s head
  • G-15® Neutral Gray lenses allow for you to see colors exactly as they are in life
  • B-15® High Contrast Brown lenses enhance colors and block out a large percentage of blue light

Whether it’s for style or function, Ray-Ban sunglasses are an iconic favorite for both men and women.


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