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Oakley sunglasses – the Story of a complete lifestyle brand of Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses – from garage to rage!

The iconic Oakley sunglasses worn by celebrities and athletes alike didn’t splash onto the scene recently; these shades were born in the groovy 1970’s. The evolution of this brand traces its origin in a garage and went on to become a rage! Oakley sunglasses were created by forward thinking innovator, Jim Jannard. In 1975, Jannard felt that a variety of industries were missing some critical opportunities. From ways to make motorcycle riding more comfortable to eyewear, Jannard’s brain was brimming with ideas.

Jannard took the tornado of creations swirling in his brain and opened Oakley in his garage. Jannard is quoted as saying, “Anything in the world will and can be made better,” which was exactly what he was trying to accomplish with this initial product.

The Invention of Oakley Sunglasses

With only $300 in his pocket, Jannard’s first invention was a new type of motorcycle handgrip that molded to the rider’s hand. From Jannard’s flagship motorcycle grip idea, came a rush of other inventions that would feed the MX racing industry for more than 17 years. While working with MX racers, Jannard developed a pair of special racing goggles with curved lenses, aimed at providing clearer vision during races. From this single invention came the vision for the Oakley sunglasses known today.

Back in his lab, Jannard worked with a smattering of materials and designs with the goal of reinventing sports eyewear. Although already a leader in the racing industry, the odds were stacked against Jannard as many professionals believed he couldn’t trump what was already offered on the market.

As he did in the past Jannard proved everyone wrong by fashioning his first Oakley sunglasses called, “Eyeshades®,” which kicked off a new generation of sports eyewear.

From simple accessories to professional sunglasses; “Eyeshades®” has been sought by professionals such as Lance Armstrong, Scott Tinley and Mark Allen. In fact, Greg LeMond, three time Tour de France winner, is reported to be a huge fan.

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Oakley Sunglasses Today

Today the Oakley brand is more than just eyewear. Oakley has morphed into a lifestyle that includes sports watches, footwear, apparel, and of course, its famous Oakley sunglasses.

While the Oakley brand has expanded, athletes consistently seek its eyewear:

  • Offered in HDO (High Definition Optics®) for clearer, sharper vision
  • Polarized lenses block glare magnified by flat surfaces or water
  • Wide array of tinted lenses to improve depth perception
  • Photochromic lenses to darken and lighten automatically
  • UV and impact protection for safety and durability
  • Prescription eyewear for full clarity
  • Hydrophobic eyewear protects against moisture and water

Whether it’s for an Iron Man competition or a day at the beach, the Oakley sunglasses symbol continues to populate the race circuits and streets across the globe.

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